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The Galapagos Islands became known to European explorers a bit over five hundred years ago. 

For Nature Lovers, Few Places Have More to Offer Than the Galapagos Islands

Many travelers love to explore and experience the world's great cities and other places where human beings have made especially impressive marks. Others prefer to get out and enjoy the natural beauty of the world, and a few destinations consistently stand out in this respect.

The Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, for example, present an especially well-rounded experience for travelers who love nature. As a look at the metropolitan touring web page focusing on galapagos islands info will make clear, there are many excellent reasons to visit this truly special place.

A Top Destination for Nature-Focused Travelers

The Galapagos Islands became known to European explorers a bit over five hundred years ago. About two hundred and fifty years later, they were the scene of much of the research that Charles Darwin conducted while formulating his theory concerning the origin of the planet's many species.

Today, the Galapagos Islands cover a well-protected but accessible region that draws travelers from all over the world. Some of the highlights of the area for many include its:

Weather. One especially notable feature of the archipelago that comprises the various Galapagos Islands is how reliably appealing the weather there is. With temperatures remaining in a comfortable range throughout the year and inclement conditions being rare, travelers can always expect to spend plenty of pleasant time outdoors. While that might not seem like such an important point in the abstract, this situation stands in stark contrast to many places of similar natural appeal, as with rain forests where torrential downpours are common.

Fauna. While excellent weather is always a perk, it is the biological wealth of the Galapagos Islands that travelers are generally most intent on experiencing. The Galapagos Islands are home to hundreds of species that cannot be seen anywhere else, thanks to the geographic and biological isolation of the archipelago. From giant tortoises weighing hundreds of pounds to Darwin's tiny, famous finches, there are many living, breathing sights to be seen and remembered.

The Experience of a Lifetime for Many

With experienced tour companies being ready to arrange trips filled with fascinating sights and sounds, the Galapagos Islands rarely disappoint. Many who enjoy and appreciate the most consider the archipelago one of the top destinations in the world.